Open dbExpress update - 2017.01.17 version

The major problem is finally solved.
In version 2017.01.17, the corrections are as follows:

  • Has been excluded from the installation of BPL, the IDE appears to lead to [Duplicates not allowed] error.
  • At the same time to solve the Run-time must be loaded dbxconnections.ini, dbxdrivers.ini problems.
  • Fixed DEMO program can not compile problem.


Download Open dbExpress 2017.01.17 supported RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin.


Open dbExpress update, RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin is supported!

Please see " Open dbExpress update - 2017.01.17 version "
I have always thought, Open dbExpress is a very cool product, using ODBC to reach a variety of connection database, and the open source code, allowing more people to maintain.

Do not worry about this product like DBX4MySQL, terminate the support of the incident.

However, Open dbExpress after 2014, also in a tragic situation of unmanned maintenance. Until 2016, support for RAD Studio is limited to XE2.

Continued in the discussion area to see whether people continue to ask whether the continuity of the Open dbExpress support.

Now, I'm happy to announce that Open dbExpress has been revived to support RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin.

Please note! XE3 ~ Seattle not yet supported.

Test MS SQL Server and MS Access can connect and get the data.

Known Issues:

1. Install dbxoodbc240.bpl, click IDE DataExplorer in the tree-node for dbExpress, will output [Duplicates not allowed.] Error message. This looks like an IDE bug.

Duplicates not allowed when click Data Explorer.
Workaround: Remove dbxoodbc240.bpl. Re-install the Open dbExpress package when needed.

2. The version is not updated. This means that the version of the problem still exists.

3. I do not have administrative privileges for this project, so I can not publish this project at Sourceforge. So I put in my personal space for download, if you have permission to upload, you are welcome to upload directly to the update to Sourceforge Open dbExpress.

Finally, download the link here:
Download Open dbExpress 2017.01.14 supported RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin.


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