Field common unit generator by Delphi

What is your code pattern? Like below:

MyDataSet.FieldByName(‘MyField’).AsString := something…;
MyDataSet.FieldByName(‘MYFIELD’).AsString := something…;
MyDataSet.FieldByName(‘myfield’).AsString := something…;

Like these codes in the maintenance often have lost a string or sensitive issues, so "Field common unit generator" application is born! as shown below:
Field common unit generator

How to connection?
“Field common unit generator” that uses ODBC, it cans connection any database.

“With Table”
It can select multi items to build source unit in right memo.

“With SQL” and “By MyBase”
It provides analysis SQL statement / MyBase data to build source unit (Only one table).

Why use “Field common unit generator”?

  • Elegant: You can call Code Insight when editor, this fast input and code is clear!
  • Correct: “Field common unit generator” out the code is hard-coded, so you can aware be wrong if typing a spelling errors in Design mode.
  • Efficient: Besides quickly type, if use DataSet.Fields in design, the program can increase the performance of more than 50%

Now, you could write code, like below:

ADataSet.FieldByName(TORDERColumns.EmpNo).AsString := something....;
ADataSet.Fields[TORDERIndex.EmpNo].AsString := something...;

You can download preview version: here!



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